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Wine Types SiteRita Kuehn is a freelance writer and editor of articles encompassing wine, tea, vacation travel,
horse racing, and business, among others. A wine enthusiast, she enjoys the many aspects of
writing about wine, which have included articles on:

Rita is also an author and her novel, Peripheral View, was published by Langdon Street Press.
It’s a remarkable story about a woman’s fight for love and dignity and thoroughly encompasses
the concept of good trumps evil. While truly a work of fiction, part of the novel’s emotional
power is because it was inspired by a true story. Peripheral View is available on Amazon in
quality paperback and Kindle formats.

Rita is also working on another novel, one that she began in the NanoWriMo (National Novel
Writing Month) challenge to write a 50,000-word novel in the 30 days of November. She
completed the 50,000 words within the month, placing her in the coveted NanoWriMo Winner’s
Circle. Making the novel a full-length version before the next NanoWriMo is her next challenge.

Along with the website, Rita also writes the content for the new (and exciting) website covering many aspects of writing from the elements of writing a novel
to the many aspects of freelance writing (including web writing, SEO, social), and beyond.

Rita is an inspirational speaker as well and uses her writing and life experiences to bring hope
to others. She mixes her speaking engagements with book signings, using Peripheral View as a
launching pad for a triumphant message to her audiences.

Rita initially began a career in business and worked successfully with several top companies, but
it wasn’t her idea of the road to personal success. So, she got on an exit ramp that would take
her to places that fulfilled her need to write and communicate meaningfully with others. She
began with a company called Writing on Point, later developed Speaking on Point, which are
now under a communication umbrella called On Point. From On Point comes her writing and
speaking engagements. Her spare time is spent with family and on studying techniques for and
the writing of novels.

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