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The history of the wine industry in Spain has been dated back as early as 1100 BC. With such vast stretch of time, Spain has undeniable perfected the wine-growing culture. The major wine regions in the part of Spain are the Rioja and Ribera Del Duero, Rías Baixas in Galicia, Penedès as well the Priorat region.

The mountain ranges in most regions of Spain have allowed Spanish wines to have varied characteristics and flavor. There are certain areas that are prone to drought and flooding during extreme seasons in the country. Thus, vineyards are planted on higher elevations to counter these climate conditions.

The top varieties of grapes used in winemaking are Airén, Tempranillo, Garnacha that produce the top wines made in Spain like Cava, Sherry, and Gran Reserva.

In this video, watch local wine enthusiasts from Portland, Oregon as they share us their experience during their wine tasting trips featuring the 2009 Alto Moncayo Garnacha. Learn from their descriptive account of Alto Moncayo, a Spanish wine variety known for its big and fruity flavor.

With their thoughts laid out for the audiences to see and hear, you’ll definitely find this presentation very educational. So for those who are similar wine enthusiasts, watch the entire clip to start learning and comparing your insights about Spanish wines.

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As everything in this earth has rules, there are also quite a few in consuming wines. Most people perhaps get nervous when choosing a wine to pair with food or a food to pair with wine. That’s why rules on combining wines with food have been established to make sure that this process wouldn’t such a stressful experience.

It is important to understand that not all wines have food pairing that you can claim as a match made in heaven. However, there are extraordinary combination of food and wine that you may want to try.

Thus, to make the most of the dinner you are having, may it be the wine or the food as the star, it is always helpful to know a few knowledge on wine and food pairings.

In this video, Sara Fasolino and Tylor Field, III from Morton’s The Steakhouse share us some expert tips on finding the best wine to match with your food. Never get lost in a cloud of confusion and terrible combinations by watching this short clip.

You’ll definitely find this video informative when it comes to basic wine details and food pairing. Enjoy the descriptive approach from these experts as they guide you in picking distinct characteristics of foods that can be best complimented by a specific type of wine.

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Whether you’re the next generation to continue the legacy of your family wine business or a graduate student seeking to have a managerial position in the wine making industry, then earning a degree in wine business will be your best asset.

In today’s global wine market, a great advantage will be on your own specialized knowledge and skills. During the course of this program, students will be able to acquire advance knowledge on the utilization of appropriate business theories and implementation of innovative processes of their wine businesses.

In the increasingly competitive wine industry, it is only logical for future managers of wineries to equip themselves with added value on wine industry knowledge to remain on top of their business endeavors.

From Wine Marketing, Wine Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Wine Business Strategies and Wine Production, up to Operations & Distribution, these courses will give you full education in the practices and theories encompassed within the wine industry.

In this video featuring Burgundy School of Business, you will be able to listen to testimonials from multicultural students enrolled at MSc in Wine Business. Get more information regarding their backgrounds, motivations and their reasons why they choose to get into this program.

Watch the entire clip for a broader understanding behind the objectives of wine business programs like this one. Never miss out the opportunity to learn about the reasons for success of the New World wine sectors all over the globe by seeing this presentation yourself.

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Some twenty-years ago, wine is not the common drink you will find in Chinese homes and gatherings. Chinese consumersAustralia Wine are just recently migrating from drinking beers and grain spirits to the western forms of wine – most of which are from distinguished wine producing countries like Australia.

Despite the fact that wine sales in China have a rapid growth for the past five years, it is still not an indication that imported wines are the dominant products domestically. Australian “winetrepreneurs” are convinced that imported wine sales are predominantly increasing compared to local brands. Thus, this total split in market raises the question of exactly how the wine importing business is doing in the local Chinese market.

In this video, a report on the China wine market profile gives light on the issue of whether which wines has the greatest volume share in terms of local sales. This presentation shows a brief analysis of Chinese and Australian wines’ competition in the local market.

Grape wine consumption in China indeed opens great opportunities for wine exporters to consider as their next target. However, the most important aspect to account to when planning to venture on expanding your market internationally like in China is knowing the local market profile and understanding the level of competition among wine sellers.

From this and more, watch the entire clip and get hold of interesting information on the Chinese wine market and develop advantageous awareness of the domestic trends in wine business.

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One of the world’s best wine producers can be found in the western part of the South African continent. Known as the Taste the Rawness of South African Winebest-developed in terms of wine tourism in the world, South Africa has become a popular place to go to when looking for tasting the best wines.

Although most of the wine businessmen knew this as a fact, there are still some who are quite unfamiliar with the outstanding and unique quality of wines from South America. With the growing market of wines from all over the world, how can you spot a true-blue South African wine?

The Cape is not only popular to tourists who adore its natural landscapes and the idyllic weather, more so the Cape of Good Hope is where almost all of the best vineyards in South Africa are found. When you visit South Africa, the Cape shouldn’t be missed for a wine stop!

In this video, “Taste the Wine” episode features the wines of South Africa. The team will take you directly to South Africa to enjoy the breathtaking scenery all over the Cape and experience right at the comfort of your home or at your office the delightful taste of South African wines.

More than the sightseeing, learning a bit about Africans, and checking out some fabulous wildlife, this video takes us on location at Stellenbosch vineyard to explore the core of South African wine industry and appreciate the process behind South African wine making. So what are you waiting for? Click “Play” and start your journey to one of world’s renowned wine plantations.

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Australia has been known from small plantations to fast growing wine industry in the new world market. The quality, The Taste of Australian Winesimprovement and profundity of wineries in this country from the south are the features that put it on the top list of best wine producers in the world.

With the vast wine producing regions all throughout Australia, in which 60 of them are considered world-class producers, wine has become a special part of the Australian traditions. From festive appreciations that tourists and holidaymakers are encouraged into, increase in the establishment of wine courses, restaurants and boutiques is observed since the boom of wine business in Australia.

Australia has also offered a very diverse agriculture for wine growing. Being a large country, the variety of soil and weather let Australia produce many different types of wine. But not only those, education and research on wine growing makes their vineyards that best home for wine farmers.

However, in today’s global wine market trends, Australia has been reported to be in a slightly troublesome position. In this video, a featured report on the status of the Australian wine industry gives us a glimpse of the issues the country is facing in the emerging markets.

With the insights from Professor Tony Spawton of University of South Australia, we’ll learn more about the strategies that the local wine marketing groups are planning and taking on to resolve the aftermaths of Australia’s almost a decade of struggle in wine production and product realization.

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The worsening situation of the environment has brought a tremendous impact on almost every industry today and it is Effects to the Wine Industryundeniable that one of them that have been highly affected is agriculture. Within farming, the wine industry is one of the main examples that researchers are using as a model to create suitable and effective adaptation strategies.

As the climate change projects extreme weather events in the coming years, more and more sectors in the wine business are alarmed and anxious to get solutions and methods to adjust without having to lose so much along the process.

Of all countries in the world, Australia’s vineyards are believed to have immediate distress from climate change. With grape production, quality and flavor being greatly dependent on the health of the soil and climate, the current environmental crisis has got the Australian wine sectors working towards a strong and enduring solution.

This video features a report on the data that the scientists and viticulture experts from the CSIRO in Australia have released. The released data links grape maturation to the countrywide increase in temperature – a matter that will directly affect the quality of wines being produced.

Watch the entire clip to pick up informative assessments of the current status of wine farming in Australia. Through an in-depth analysis of Hunter Valley, you’ll be able to understand the future of the wine industry that is being plagued by climate change and global warming.

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How do you choose a good wine pairing with food?

Here is a presentation about Wine and Food Pairing.

The ultimate guide to food and wine pairing makes selecting the perfect wine easy.
wine and food pairing
If you are wondering which wine type to serve with dinner, check this.

Grafting your grapevines onto rootstocks will significantly make them tolerant and resistant to pests like phylloxera and nematodes, as well diseases like Pierce Disease and Crown Gall. Moreover, rootstocks are also reported as tolerant to soil salinity, drought, flood and changes in temperature. In introducing this system to your vineyard, it is necessary that you know how to properly do it.

Another aspect to consider in growing grapevines is learning the importance of training your vines in wire. Training canopy growth helps the vines get more light for photosynthesis, more air movement to prevent diseases, and allows optimal management of rows for equipment.

Along with this training system, it is also necessary to consider the type of cordons that are applicable on your vines, which is dependent on the growing season. Thus, knowing how to prune and train your vines is essential for improved fruits.

The Basics of Grape Vines, Root Stock, Training, Cordons, and Managing Fruit Load

However, it is not enough that you know how to optimize the roots, training, and structure of your vines. It must also come in consideration the importance of managing fruit load. To achieve grapevine balance and determine the capacity of a leaf area, avoid excessive fruit loads.

In this video, you will learn about the basics of the concepts that I mentioned in this article – from grape vines, rootstock, training, and cordons to managing fruit load. Brad Sorensen of Silverado Farming Co. provides the viewers with a clear explanation of these concepts in growing grapevines. He even shows us the techniques in performing these processes for your vineyard.

Watch the entire clip to learn the skills from the pro. For more on grapevine growing, check out our other articles and videos. Thanks for reading!

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