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If you have friends with their own wooden wine racks at home and you feel ashamed of asking how did they picked it up, then this article tell you everything you need to know before you can have your own wine rack.

Wine enthusiasts do not simply mean they love wines but everything involve in improving their liquors – such as coolers, aerator or decanter and even wine racks.

Continue reading this write-up to discover how they select the perfect wooden wine racks for themselves.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Rack

With a lot of choices in the Internet, you may definitely have difficulty on picking the right one for you.  To narrow your selections, you may think of the following aspects before you decide to buy.

  • Rack Location

Do not place wine racks on locations where there are varying temperatures, direct sunlight exposure or unnecessary movements.  This way you prevent the wines from sudden aging.  Remember, you must store wines in dark section of the house.

  • Space

If you have limited amount of space, there are different wine rack sizes and designs which you may choose from – those that can be mounted on the wall, those that can be placed directly on the floor, some can be settled on tabletop and those which have add-on features like storage for glassware and other accessories.

  • Size of Wine Collection

Anticipate your wine consumption needs.  If your intention is just to have wine reservation for a week then you may opt for a smaller size of wine rack.  But if you really want to have extravagant collection, then go for bigger ones.

Truly, wooden wine racks are attractive and with varieties of designs, you must choose carefully and smartly.

Difference Between Wooden Wine Racks and Wine Cellars

Wooden Wine Racks

  • Wine Racks

–       Wine racks are simply ‘holders’ of wine.

–       Although they can be seen on different sizes, you can move them anywhere inside your house.

  • Wine CellarsWine Cellars

–       These pertain to the rooms or specific areas where you can store your wines.

–       You may find wine racks inside a wine cellar.

–       Typically, wine cellars are monitored by cooling system to maintain specific temperature and humidity in accordance to wines’ requirements.

Got a better picture of the difference of the two items?  Now, with a clearer mind, your next task is to pick what type of wooden wine racks best suit your preference.

Top Selections of Wooden Wine Racks – Which One is Yours?

Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks

Although there are different types of wood to choose from, the ones listed below are the most loved because of their proven function and strength.

  • Cedar Wood

If you’re looking for something you can collect for your own and at the same time you plan of passing to the next generation of your family, then cedar wood for wine rack is just a perfect choice.  The best examples of its durability are the ships which are made from cedar wood during the early times of Europe.  If you have a wine rack made from cedar, you would not miss its unique aroma.  One of the reasons also why wine enthusiasts choose cedar wood for wine racks is that it has natural oils which prevents absorption of moisture that may weaken the wood.

  • Mahogany Wood

With its reddish-brown elegant color and durability, mahogany wood has been one of the top choices when it comes to wine racks and other furniture.  This wood has an inherent quality of resisting damage and scratch.  Wine racks made from mahogany wood are known to resist rot which other woods do not possess.  Makers of wine racks as well as other furniture find mahogany wood easier to carve because of its flexibility.

  • Oak Wood

Furniture made from oak wood has shown its magnificence over time.  A lot of homeowners choose to have oak wood for the different areas of their houses – dining, bedroom, tables, even for wine racks.  Oak wood has proven its solid and resilient material that stands the test of time.  This wood’s sturdiness equals the elegance it projects offering an in-and-out quality.  But of course, all the grandeur oak wood provides has corresponding expensive money out although many consider it’s just a wise investment.

  • Pine Wood

Wine rack made from pine wood offers its owner a rural feel which is very homey.  Although there are specific types of pine woods for outdoor and indoor use, but in general, they all welcome different finishing touches like varnishing and painting.  You don’t have to fear the damage of refinishing because pine wood allows that much easier than other types of wood do.  If you’re going to use pine wood for wine rack, then you make opt buying the outdoor type so it has some prevention against moisture which the rack may have exposure in case of spillage.

Isn’t it interesting that you can have an heirloom by simply purchasing a wine rack?  So decide which wooden wine racks you like to be passed over your next generation.

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Wooden Wine Racks

Wood Wine Racks

Why Choose Wooden Wine Racks over Metal Wine Racks?

That could be a bit hard question because both are functional.  But to help you decide, below are some elements you may think about.

  • Design

We all know that both wood and metal wine racks are sturdy and meant to last long.  However, people who love the modern days prefer the contemporary effect of metal wine racks.  But for those who appreciate antique projections go for wood racks.  In addition, wine racks from woods can be carved and be designed in a more sophisticated way to blend with modern changes.

  • Color Variation

With wood rack, you may have it stained with varieties of color from light to dark brown or even leave it with its natural color and apply varnish instead.  While with metal wine rack, you can only choose from stainless, wrought iron or copper which you can have painted if you like.

  • Charm

Let’s admit it, there’s some light feeling that we get from furniture that is made of wood than that of metal materials.  That’s the secret yet powerful advantage of wood over metals.

There you have it!  Everything you need to know about wooden wine racks; what’s just left is for you to enjoy shopping!

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