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The worsening situation of the environment has brought a tremendous impact on almost every industry today and it is Effects to the Wine Industryundeniable that one of them that have been highly affected is agriculture. Within farming, the wine industry is one of the main examples that researchers are using as a model to create suitable and effective adaptation strategies.

As the climate change projects extreme weather events in the coming years, more and more sectors in the wine business are alarmed and anxious to get solutions and methods to adjust without having to lose so much along the process.

Of all countries in the world, Australia’s vineyards are believed to have immediate distress from climate change. With grape production, quality and flavor being greatly dependent on the health of the soil and climate, the current environmental crisis has got the Australian wine sectors working towards a strong and enduring solution.

This video features a report on the data that the scientists and viticulture experts from the CSIRO in Australia have released. The released data links grape maturation to the countrywide increase in temperature – a matter that will directly affect the quality of wines being produced.

Watch the entire clip to pick up informative assessments of the current status of wine farming in Australia. Through an in-depth analysis of Hunter Valley, you’ll be able to understand the future of the wine industry that is being plagued by climate change and global warming.

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