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If you are thinking about taking the plunge into wine making, you might consider purchasing a wine making kit. There are several on the market, but one that has gotten some great reviews is the Deluxe Wine Making Kit from Strange Brew.

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Deluxe Wine Making Kit

Deluxe Kit for Wine Making

This is a reasonably priced kit that has received many great reviews, even from beginning wine makers. By most accounts it is simple to use, comes with high quality equipment – including equipment not offered in other “deluxe”home wine making packages – equipment instructions and wine recipes. It includes all equipment a wine maker needs to create 6 gallons (30 bottles) of vino. The equipment is re-usable and is quite durable to last a long time.

For beginning wine makers it’s important to know a couple of things about wine making kits. First, is that the actual wine making ingredients do not typically come with a wine making equipment kit. Ingredients are sold separately. Second is that, while wine making instructions come with the kits, it is really helpful to invest in a good wine making book. A good wine book will have greater details about ingredients that will enhance your wine’s flavor as well as offer several troubleshooting tips – like what to do if your wine seems cloudy, or if it isn’t sweet enough, etc.

Deluxe Wine Making Kit

Kit for Wine Making

A handy way of obtaining all of the necessary wine making ingredients is to purchase a wine making “ingredient kit”, such as is offered byVino Italiano. The Vino Italiano Wine Kits have also received many favorable reviews. The kit provides all the ingredients to make a batch of a particular wine type, such as a 4-Week Wine Kit that comes in grape varietals such as Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, etc. Ingredients cover everything from a varietal grape juice and grape juice concentrate to yeast and beyond.


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