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One of the world’s best wine producers can be found in the western part of the South African continent. Known as the Taste the Rawness of South African Winebest-developed in terms of wine tourism in the world, South Africa has become a popular place to go to when looking for tasting the best wines.

Although most of the wine businessmen knew this as a fact, there are still some who are quite unfamiliar with the outstanding and unique quality of wines from South America. With the growing market of wines from all over the world, how can you spot a true-blue South African wine?

The Cape is not only popular to tourists who adore its natural landscapes and the idyllic weather, more so the Cape of Good Hope is where almost all of the best vineyards in South Africa are found. When you visit South Africa, the Cape shouldn’t be missed for a wine stop!

In this video, “Taste the Wine” episode features the wines of South Africa. The team will take you directly to South Africa to enjoy the breathtaking scenery all over the Cape and experience right at the comfort of your home or at your office the delightful taste of South African wines.

More than the sightseeing, learning a bit about Africans, and checking out some fabulous wildlife, this video takes us on location at Stellenbosch vineyard to explore the core of South African wine industry and appreciate the process behind South African wine making. So what are you waiting for? Click “Play” and start your journey to one of world’s renowned wine plantations.

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