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Grafting your grapevines onto rootstocks will significantly make them tolerant and resistant to pests like phylloxera and nematodes, as well diseases like Pierce Disease and Crown Gall. Moreover, rootstocks are also reported as tolerant to soil salinity, drought, flood and changes in temperature. In introducing this system to your vineyard, it is necessary that you know how to properly do it.

Another aspect to consider in growing grapevines is learning the importance of training your vines in wire. Training canopy growth helps the vines get more light for photosynthesis, more air movement to prevent diseases, and allows optimal management of rows for equipment.

Along with this training system, it is also necessary to consider the type of cordons that are applicable on your vines, which is dependent on the growing season. Thus, knowing how to prune and train your vines is essential for improved fruits.

The Basics of Grape Vines, Root Stock, Training, Cordons, and Managing Fruit Load

However, it is not enough that you know how to optimize the roots, training, and structure of your vines. It must also come in consideration the importance of managing fruit load. To achieve grapevine balance and determine the capacity of a leaf area, avoid excessive fruit loads.

In this video, you will learn about the basics of the concepts that I mentioned in this article – from grape vines, rootstock, training, and cordons to managing fruit load. Brad Sorensen of Silverado Farming Co. provides the viewers with a clear explanation of these concepts in growing grapevines. He even shows us the techniques in performing these processes for your vineyard.

Watch the entire clip to learn the skills from the pro. For more on grapevine growing, check out our other articles and videos. Thanks for reading!

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