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Whether you’re the next generation to continue the legacy of your family wine business or a graduate student seeking to have a managerial position in the wine making industry, then earning a degree in wine business will be your best asset.

In today’s global wine market, a great advantage will be on your own specialized knowledge and skills. During the course of this program, students will be able to acquire advance knowledge on the utilization of appropriate business theories and implementation of innovative processes of their wine businesses.

In the increasingly competitive wine industry, it is only logical for future managers of wineries to equip themselves with added value on wine industry knowledge to remain on top of their business endeavors.

From Wine Marketing, Wine Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Wine Business Strategies and Wine Production, up to Operations & Distribution, these courses will give you full education in the practices and theories encompassed within the wine industry.

In this video featuring Burgundy School of Business, you will be able to listen to testimonials from multicultural students enrolled at MSc in Wine Business. Get more information regarding their backgrounds, motivations and their reasons why they choose to get into this program.

Watch the entire clip for a broader understanding behind the objectives of wine business programs like this one. Never miss out the opportunity to learn about the reasons for success of the New World wine sectors all over the globe by seeing this presentation yourself.

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