Eurocave 728x90


Wine Name:     ______________________________________     Varietal: _____________________________________

Vintage:           ______________________________________     Year: _______________________________________

Final Score (an average of all evaluations):___________

Evaluate Appearance

Describe Density and/or weight (is the wine heavy or opaque? Is it light? _______________________________________

Describe Color: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Describe Swirl (does it have legs, thin, thick?): ____________________________________________________________

Rate Appearance



Evaluate Aroma/Bouquet

Describe aromas (fruity, oaky, spicy, light, complex, strong, pleasant, unpleasant, etc.)  ___________________________

Describe specific aromas: (grapey, black currant, lemony, etc.) _______________________________________________

Rate Aroma



Evaluate Taste and Body

Describe sweetness, dryness, expressiveness: _____________________________________________________________

Describe astringency (bitter, tannic, smooth, etc.): _________________________________________________________

Describe Body (light, strong, heavy, etc.): _______________________________________________________________

Describe Flavors (fruity, oaky, spicy, earthy, light, complex, strong, pleasant, unpleasant, etc.): _____________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Describe Specific Flavors (grapey, black currant, honey, lemony, etc.): ________________________________________

Describe Balance: __________________________________________________________________________________

Rate Taste and Body



Evaluate Finish (aftertaste)

Describe length of finish: short or long? (Does it last less or more than 20 seconds?):______________________________

Describe how does it feels in your throat (pleasant, light, unpleasant, strong, etc.): ________________________________

Describe aftertaste flavor (Is it the same experienced on palate?): _____________________________________________

Rate Finish





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